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At Limonita Vegan Kasap, we do more than just offer delicious and healthy plant-based foods; we also take our responsibility to our planet seriously. Our products are prepared with a zero-waste kitchen principle, free from additives, and adhere to sustainable and ethical standards.


Slow Food 🐌

As a member of the Slow Food Chefs' Alliance, we actively support projects that defend local cultures and food biodiversity.

Local Sourcing 🌱

Limonita reduces our food chain's carbon footprint by partnering with local suppliers. Using local sources enhances sustainability and our community connection.

Zero Waste Kitchen 🍃

Aiming for zero waste in our kitchen operations through waste reduction and reuse principles.

Saving Energy and Water 💧

By utilizing technologies or practices that provide energy and water efficiency, we contribute to the conservation of resources or have the responsibility of approaching the resources we consume with awareness.

Reducing Carbon Emissions 🌍

We reduce our carbon emissions by supporting the use of renewable energy at every possible stage and increasing energy efficiency. Additionally, with our plant-based production, we produce 70 times less carbon footprint compared to animal substitutes.

Sustainable Product Standards 🌟

Our products are prepared in accordance with sustainable and ethical standards, and we demand that our suppliers maintain the same sensitivity.

Social and Environmental Awareness 🐝

We raise awareness of our employees, guests and all stakeholders about environmental protection and encourage both individual and industrial compatibility with nature.

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